Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing phases in the life of a woman that demands unabridged attention and specialized care. You want to do everything in the most precise and immaculate manner right from the diet to the exercises to the medication and the many nuances that can affect you and your little bundle of joy. Babycell understands the importance of this journey and has crafted a specialized package for you.


1 in every 2497 newborn babies in India suffers from Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM). IEMs are disorders caused by the body's inability to process certain foods leading to toxic chemical build-up in the body. The bad news is that although most babies appear normal at birth, symptoms of IEM do not surface until a few years later and if undetected could lead to lifelong complications including mental retardation, physical disability and even mortality.

The good news is that if IEMs are diagnosed early in life, treatments as inexpensive as a simple dietary change can ensure a normal life for the baby. At Babycell , we care for your baby as much as you do and that is why we now provide you with New Born Screening (NBS), a simple testing technique that can check for IEMs in your baby.



You must be aware by now that stem cells have the ability to differentiate. But how can you evaluate this ability?

TThe answer to that question is the CFU Test, a potency test done at the time of cell preservation that determines their ability to differentiate. It is a two-week lab test that estimates the differentiating capacity of your baby's stem cells. When you opt for CFU, you have invaluable information that can help your doctor estimate the required dosage of stem cells at the time of transplantation. It is important to perform CFU assay at the time of banking because it evaluates the therapeutic ability of your baby's stem cells for future use. Babycell is the only stem cell bank offering CFU assay at the time of cryopreservation and not during retrieval.


Critical Congenital Heart Disease Program

A program designed to detect any abnormality of your baby's heart with us. Diseases of the heart that are life threatening are present in the baby since the time of birth are called Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD). They can be diagnosed before or after birth but cannot be developed post birth.


This gives you an unlimited and anytime access to a pool of donor derived potent cord tissue stem cells to treat a host of diseases. This program lets you avail a tailor-made cell therapeutic product for various medical diseases as per your treatment physician's assessment and prescription. .

Biocord Super Power

This gives you an access to future ready solutions to treat major life-threatening diseases of heart, brain, liver and pancreas. .

HLA Testing (Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing)

Can your baby's cells help the rest of your family?

Studies show a 25% probability of HLA matching between siblings. By opting for HLA testing, you can pre-determine the genetic HLA profile of your baby's stem cells and enable your doctor to easily evaluate the utility of the preserved stem cells for your baby's siblings, yourself or even other members of your family. HLA can help to determine the probability of match when a transplant is needed.


 BABY-GENE A child's future is worth every sacrifice

BABY GENE is a full spectrum genetic test that can detect 367 gene mutations. It is a non-invasive procedure and is done using only a small quantity of cord blood. Early detection can help you to start an early management and help reduce the severity of the baby's condition.

We also offer genetic counselling to clients with an indicative test results.


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 Haemoglobinopathy Test

Haemoglobinopathy is a group of inherited disorders that affects the haemoglobin and results in excessive destruction of red blood cells. It leads to anaemia, sickle cell disorder and various types of Thalassemia. With this test, you can detect such disorders in the baby, if any, in time and arrange for treatment.


 Data Logger Facility

Do real-time monitoring of temperature of the sample from the hospital to the lab.Data loggers monitor and record the environmental conditions of sensitive products in storage, transit, and/or distribution. More specifically, data loggers provide you with the crucial information needed to ensure the safe handling, transport, and storage of your products. Data loggers can tell you whether or not your products have been kept in ideal conditions. With the help of our data logger facility, do real-time monitoring of temperature of the sample from the hospital to the lab.

 Mummy & Tummy

Mummy & Tummy is a comprehensive guide that brings together mother and child care under one umbrella. It aims to answer questions, clear confusions and present a clear picture of the journey towards motherhood with a dash of undiluted love. From morning sickness to weight gain, we have it all covered. Loaded with tons of useful information about pregnancy diet, pregnancy yoga, labor and delivery tips by leading experts in prenatal care, the Mummy & Tummy package will ease out the tension and make the journey one to remember.
  • Call us now to know where the next antenatal care session is being held close to you OR

  • You can have the Babycell team visit your premises to conduct an antenatal care session for a group of more than 5 expectant moms OR

  • Take personalised online prenatal care sessions in the comfort of your home. This allows you the convenience to take the complete course at your own pace.

Mummy & Tummy pack provides you with a DVD and an illustrated booklet that guides you through this amazing journey of discovery week by week.

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